About Us

Small Pie Fry is the combined efforts of Dana Stern (the baker) and Carly Schorman (the blogger).

 The Baker: Dana is an Arizona-based baker and founder of Small Fry Pie. She specializes in vegan, artisanal desserts and enjoys loud music, sitcoms from the 70s, and red lipstick. When she’s not baking, you can find Dana performing with her bands JJCnV and Sturdy Ladies or walking Harlan, her basset hound, at the dog park.


The Blogger: Carly holds a master’s degree in Philosophy and, given the questionable practicalities of such a course of study, has turned to blogging as her chosen profession. In addition to writing for Small Fry Pie (and serving as one of the official taste-testing team), Carly also serves as Editor-in-Chief of YabYum Music and Arts. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing crime novels set in outer space, and watching Twin Peaks repeatedly.

 To contact us, please email smallfrypie(at)gmail(dot)com.